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How to prepare for SAT?


Hi! My name is Rohan Pota and i am class 11 Cbse student. I have started preparing for IIT JEE and AIEEE. But i do not want to pursue a career in engineering. I am very much intrested in taking pure sciences as a career. So i would like to know abt the universities and colleges offerto know abt the
the universities and colleges that offer a course in pure science stream. I am also preparing for SAT, so could plz advice me abt cutoff marks to get admitted to the top inst. and univ. I also wud like to know abt the other criterion which is taken into consideration during admission.
Thank You
Rohan Pota

My class 10 cbse board result was 88%(100-maths and 90 - science)


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    Dipika JainWed, 17 Nov 2010 11:39:39 -0000


    US education has many options for the undergraduate level. It would not be practical to list down the entire list of universities along with the specified details. However, you may access the following link for a quick view of the list of universities that we can help you with :

    US Universities-UG .

    Also, for your information, though there are various subjects you can choose to study in an undergraduate college, the first two years mostly cover general subjects. A junior year student (3rd year) must choose a ‘major’ field of study. They must take a certain number of courses in their field. In some schools, students also choose a "minor" field. There is usually time for students to choose several other "elective" (extra) courses in other subjects. It is at this stage when you need to talk to the assigned a ‘faculty advisor’, who teaches the major subjects, and also assists to select a particular program of study.

    For details on the application procedure in US, please access the following link :

    Application Procedure-UG-

    I hope this helps! Do get back to us in case of any query

    Good luck!

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